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A high quality video is an invaluable sales tool. When it comes to selling property, listings with videos can receive up to 403% more enquiries. quality video

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Frequently Asked Questions

Blink Plus keeps video creation simple, quick, and easy. Now busy individuals, businesses, or real estate agents can have beautiful videos with minimal effort and time. With Blink Plus's user-friendly platform, all you need to do it shoot your footage, leaving the editing up to us!

With Blink Plus on your side, you won't have to worry about complicated video editing programs or wasting time – your vision will become a reality in not time.

Blink Plus supports iPhone 8 and above, as well as the majority of Android devices.

Simply download the app or access our web portal and sign up. From here you gain access to our interactive training series, designed to give you the skills necessary for superior videography. In addition to this, you can also purchase credits to start uploading your footage and let the Blink Plus team create a video for you!

From start-to-finish, we ensure that you are armed with the necessary tools and knowledge to produce stunning shots every time. Our comprehensive training program ensures consistent quality results in each of your projects