Frequently asked questions.

It's so easy! Use your smartphone to capture a property in 10-15 shots, then simply upload your footage via the Blink Plus app or web portal. Tell us the property address and any edit notes you may have - and that's it! We take care of the rest and send you back a polished video within 1 business day.

Sign up is free and your first property video is on us! Blink Plus is built on a credit based system, 1 credit equals 1 peppery video and the more property videos you buy, the more affordable it becomes!
A single video credit is $130 where as 50 credits; each video becomes only $100.
Blink Plus really is a game changer in every way!

Whilst the sign up is free, we strongly advise you purchase our recommended DJI Smartphone Gimbal. Newer phones do have good stabilisation but to get the best cinematic look and result for your videos, having a gimbal will make your shots nice and smooth and look as good as any other professional property video. Our on-going video training series also covers its set up and use, assisting you in becoming highly proficient with your gimbal

We support iPhone 8 and above, as well as the majority of Android devices!

That's the best part! We provide on-going training, making sure you get the best shots and quality every time.

Not at all! There will always be a place for video production, especially in the Real Estate industry, this is an entry-level option for those who maybe wouldn't have invested in video previously or don't have a budget of $700+ for a professional videographer.

As Blink Plus evolves and expands, so too will our extensive lifestyle database! But, in the meantime, don't be afraid to grab a shot of your favourite cafe or beach near your next listing. As a bonus, we've allowed for up to 15 videos when using the web portal over the app - which is perfect for those sneaky lifestyle shots you might shoot along the way.