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Looking to get a leg up on the competition? Blink Plus can help. Perfect for sales agents and property managers, Blink Plus offers a DIY video solution that can be used in listings and marketing materials

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Real Estate
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How It Works

We understand that time is precious - especially when you're trying to sell a property. That's why we've developed a simple and efficient solution for creating high-quality Real Estate videos. With the Blink Plus app or web portal, you can upload your footage in just a few minutes. We'll then edit the video adding lifestyle footage, and any finishing touches, such as music or subtitles. Within 1 business day, you'll have a professional-grade cinematic video that's ready to share with potential buyers. So why wait?

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Affordable Real Estate Video Production

Create High Quality Real Estate Videos In Minutes

Real estate is a competitive industry, and agents are always looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd. A high-quality video is an invaluable sales tool that can help listings receive up to 403% more enquiries.

Blink Plus is a revolutionary app that makes creating videos that promote homes and venues easier, faster, and more affordable than ever. With Blink Plus, there's no need for expensive equipment or complicated software. Simply point and shoot and let Blink Plus do the rest.

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